Carte blanche Super group from brooklyn

Some tour shots

New Orleans at Mudlark Theater.

cb.nola1 cb.nola.2

Austin, TX.. what a time.


In our kitty get-ups for the Pussy Joel segment in the Pizza Underground Variety Show in New Orleans.



Hank’s Saloon

We are still doing it.

The inertia created by 3 part harmony is something you don’t stand in the way of.  You just put on your sequins and let it roll.


We were opening for Mark Ospovat’s multi-dimensional, hair metal entertainment experience, HAIR AMERICA.

The photo really does not do it justice.  My iphone was not capable of capturing the entertainment explosion that happened here.  I love this country for reasons like this:

a) Rock and roll invented here, giving rise to delightful offshoots like hair metal, where grown men can express the rock and roll fury inside them while heightening the drama with very tight pants, very big hair and eyeliner.
b) Young Jewminican boy in the Bronx becomes obsessed with this art form in between shifts at his father’s womens undergarment store.
c) Boy grows up to pursue music, tours in bands and becomes a successful business owner (just like dad).  He starts his own recording studio, naming it after his dad’s store.  Emandee Recording and Rehearsal has been making musical dreams come true for the last 10 years.  Brooklyn’s most creative and up-and-coming acts have made their albums here.  National touring acts too.
d) Boy is grown, but still has hair metal dreams.  Dreams come true when he forms HAIR AMERICA.  The existence of the band increases the rock and roll joy and passion present in the nation, tipping the balance ever further toward pleasure, freedom and music in this country and the world.  High kicks and falsetto are making the world a better place.  Thank you, Mark.

Charlotte, NC

Dollar Signs, The O’Reilly Factor, Days n Daze and all their friends who were there that night, really made the best time.  And that’s just Tuesday night in Charlotte.  If you were wondering where rock and roll was that night (and “thrash grass” and anti-punk) it was in Charlotte.  So were we, creating a little harmonized gateway into… well whatever you want.  We’re only here to give permission.

Look, video footage from James Willamor of all the bands that night:

And some photos also by James Willamor:

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And then, we were taken care of by, as Julie D. accurately put it, “the nicest people in the world.”  I’m serious, if you know these folks, you are lucky and you feel it.


Thank you Susan and Jim Frye (Matt Frye’s parents).  You have eternal Carte Blanche gratitude and love in four part harmony!

Pizza stills

This is us right before we eat pizza.  These are stills of our recent  screen tests for the Pizza Underground video piece by Anchovy Warhol.  You will have to check out a show of theirs while they’re on tour to see the film.  We will likely run into them in Austin.
You should see the post-pizza shots.  Obscene.

The Road to Austin is full of many slips